metal housing
This is a metal housing for your furnace and/or water heater.
It is called a Van Packer Flu.
This housing was standard in the 50’s and 60’s. It is always a problem area in that
it cannot be properly flashed around and eventually will leak.As shown in this picture, there is an abundance of tar placed around the base of this housing to try and temporarily prevent further leaking.

wall pipe

We can remove the obsolete housing and install the proper size and type of double wall pipe with the proper flashing,

so you will not have leakage, as shown in the picture to the left.


bad shingles

The wall shown here is termed a sidewall. It is where each row of shingles meet the
wood or fiber cement siding.During the siding installation the bottom edge of the siding is cut at the angle to run parallel to the roof line.Frequently, this bottom edge of the siding is not painted where it meets the roof line.

This in turn causes a capillary action and the water is absorbed into the siding. The long terms effects of this situation are obvious, especially during the tear off phase of the roof. The shingles are seated underneath the siding. When the shingles are removed, it is most likely some of the siding WILL be damaged if this capillary action has taken place.

Bubble SkylightVelux

This is a Plastic Bubble skylight. This type of skylight was popular in the 70’s and 80’s. This type of skylight sits directly onto the roof deck and has no flashing, which are angled pieces of sheet metal that step in with each row of shingles used to protect against leaking.

This type of skylight WILL leak. It is no longer a standard manufactured item due to the problems in the past. There are enough problems with this type of skylight that we cannot warranty this area unless the skylight is replaced with a skylight that has the proper flashing installed, as shown here.

Cricket This is a cricket USA Roofing fabricates to go on the high side of problem chimneys. This may be needed when the chimney is positioned at the gutter line or when it is especially wide to allow debris to collect.
Chimney This is a wooden cricket installed with shingles on top. When the metal fabricated cricket is installed, there is a different product installed over the metal cricket that ties in with the shingles.
MuleHide MuleHide before
An area where several slopes come together to create a lower pitched slope can let snow and ice sit longer than it should and cause a leak.
MuleHide MuleHide after
USA Roofing can install a commercial-grade low-slope product to solve this problem area.